BRS Platina

BRS Platina at a glance
Ploidy level


Genome group



Prata type


Synthetic hybrid


Prata Ana (AAB) x M53 (AA)

Breeding code

BRS Platina is a tetraploid hybrid developed by Embrapa Cassava and Fruits. It is a Prata type with resistance to Fusarium wilt.

Agronomic traits, yield and fruit characteristics

Agronomic characteristics are similar to Prata Ana. BRS Platina has good tillering.

Average yield is around 20 t/ha.yr. In fertile soils, average yield can reach 40 t/ha.yr.

The fruits are similar to those of Prata Ana in terms of shape, size and flavor. However, they should be consumed when the peel is slightly greener, like for Cavendish cultivars.

Reaction to pests and diseases

BRS Platina differs from Prata Ana in that it is resistant to Sigatoka leaf spot and Fusarium wilt.

It is moderately susceptible to black leaf streak, susceptible to nematodes and resistant to weevils.


Further reading

Amorim, E.P., dos Santos-Serejo, J.A., Ferreira, C.F. and de Oliveira e Silva, S. 2011. BRS Platina. Banana cultivar from the Prata types resistant to Fusarium wilt. Embrapa Cassava and Fruits.