'Bluggoe' at a glance
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ITC code

ITC1404, ITC0010

'Bluggoe' is a popular starchy banana, used primarily for cooking but also as dessert.

Local names

'Square Cooker', 'Mondolphin' (Australia), 'Hpi Gyan' (Burma/Myanmar), 'Tarua Matie' (Cook Islands), 'Burro', 'Orinoco' (Cuba), 'Jamani' (Fiji), 'Largo' (Hawai'i), 'Nalla Bontha (India), 'Horse Plantain' (Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago), 'Pisang Batu' (Java),'Poro'ini', 'Poro'ini Pa'afa'afa'a', 'Poro'ini Hima'a umu', 'Largo' (French Polynesia).  'Pisang Abu Keling' (Malaysia), 'Matavia' (Philippines), 'Fa'i Pata Samoa', 'Puataelo' (Samoa), 'Mondan' (Sri Lanka), 'Kluai Som' (Thailand), 'Pata Tonga' (Tonga), 'Chuoi Ngop Lun' (Vietnam), 'Bluggoe', 'Whitehouse Plantain', 'Chamaluco', 'Poteua', 'Cacambou', 'Moko', 'Buccament', 'Mafoubay' (West Indies), 'Mkojosi', 'Bokoboko', 'Kproboi', 'Muscat', "punda', 'Kidhozi', 'Kivuvi' (East Africa), 'Burro', 'Chato', 'Cachaco', 'Cuatrofilos', 'Largo', 'Majoncho', 'Apple Plantain', 'Horse Banana', 'Hog Banana' (Americas)[1][2].

Host reaction to diseases and pests

Fusarium wilt (Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense)

'Bluggoe' is considered to be highly susceptible to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense race 1,2 and 4[1][3].


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