'CRBP-39' at a glance
Ploidy level


Genome group



Synthetic hybrid

Breeding institute



AAB Plantain 'French Clair' x 4x M53

ITC code

'CRBP-39' is a Plantain-derived improved hybrid produced by CARBAP.

Agronomic characteristics


Time planting to flowering(days):  
Time flowering to harvest (days):  
Time planting to harvest / crop cycle (days):  
Pseudsotem height (cm):  
Pseudostem girth (cm):  
Number of total leaves:  
Number of functional leaves:  
Bunch weight (kg):  
Number of hands:  
Number of fruits in bunch:  
Number of fruits in hand:  
Finger length (cm): 19.8, 21.3[1]
Finger girth (cm):  
Finger weight (g): 93.6, 130.1[1]
Yield (t/ha/y):  
Edible proportion (%): 48.6, 50.4[1]
Pulp dry matter (%): 28, 33.4[1]

Reaction to diseases and pests

Burrowing nematode (Radopholus similis)

'CRBP-39' is highly susceptible to R. similis as plants innoculated in pot experiments had a significantly higher number of R. similis per 100 g of fresh root per plant than the susceptible reference cultivar 'Grande Naine'[2].


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