Colombia at a glance

Map of Colombia

Flag of Colombia

48.23 million

Gross Domestic Product[1]

295.1 billion US$


6.8% of GDP

Total land area[2]

110.95 million hectares

Cultivated land[2]

43.78 million hectares

Banana production area[3]

477,000 hectares

Total banana production[3]
5.4 million metric tonnes

Colombia is the fourth exporter of Cavendish bananas.

Banana-producing areas

The department of Antioquia in the northwestern part of the country has 70% of the area planted in bananas, in Urabá and Magdalena mainly. About 16% of the area planted in bananas is occupied with bananas for the domestic market.

Production constraints

The so-called Race 1 of Fusarium wilt is present. Although it affects Gros Michel, the cultivar is still produced in highland areas and sold on the domestic market.

Quarantine pests

The government of Colombia declared TR4, the most virulent strain of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense, as a quarantine pest in 2011[4].


1. 2015 data from the World Bank
4. Resolution 1444 forbidding the importation in Colombia of Musa plant material from a country where TR4 is present.

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