Kenya at a glance

Map of Kenya

Flag of Kenya

46 million

Gross Domestic Product[1]

63.4 billion US$


32.9% of GDP

Total land area[2]
55.9 million hectares

Cultivated land[2]

27.4 million hectares

Banana production area[3]

63,000 hectares

Total banana production[3]
1,4 million metric tonnes


Production constraints

Pests and diseases

Xanthomonas wilt

Xanthomonas wilt was first reported in Kenya in 2006[4].


1. 2015 data from the World Bank
4. Mbaka, J.N., Nakato, V.G., Auma, J. and Odero, B. 2009. Status of banana Xanthomonas wilt in western Kenya and factors enhancing its spread. African Crop Science Conference Proceedings 9:673-676.

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