'SH-3436-9' at a glance

Synthetic hybrid

Breeding institute


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ITC code

ITC1283, ITC1318

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Agronomic characteristics


Time planting to flowering(days): 484[1], 649[2]
Time flowering to harvest (days): 134[1], 172[2]
Time planting to harvest / crop cycle (days): 564[1], 820[2]
Pseudsotem height (cm): 250{[2], 306[1]
Pseudostem girth (cm): 56[2], 79.6[1]
Number of total leaves: 10.1{[2]
Number of functional leaves: 9.6[2]
Bunch weight (kg): 21.7[1], 27.3, 27.7, 30.4[2]
Number of hands: 9.6[1]
Number of fruits in bunch: 185[1]
Number of fruits in hand: 24.3[1]
Finger length (cm): 22.1, 22.6[2]
Finger girth (cm): 12.4, 12.7[2]
Finger weight (g):  
Yield (t/ha/y): 20.2[1]


1. Gaidashova, S.V., Karemera, F. and Karamura, E.B. 2008.Agronomic performance of introduced banana varieties in lowlands of Rwanda. African Crop Science Journal 16(1):9-16.
2. Njuguna, J., Nguthi, F., Wepukhulu, S., Wambugu, F., Gitau, D., Karuoya, M. and Karamura, D.A. 2008.Introduction and evaluation of improved banana cultivars for agronomic and yield characteristics in Kenya. African Crop Science Journal 16(1):35-40.

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