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News and analysis

The impact of extreme weather events on the price of bananas

Anne Vézina Monday, 23 July 2018
Dunkerke UGPBAN 70px A study explores the impact of extreme weather events on the price of bananas in the French market.
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One fungus, one name and the Sigatoka disease complex on banana

Anne Vézina Tuesday, 19 December 2017
One Fungus 70px Taxonomists have put an end to the practice of giving separate names to the sexual and asexual forms of pathogenic fungi.
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The hidden side of banana diversity

Anne Vézina Tuesday, 24 October 2017
Hidden Diveristy How three cultivar-rich but genetically homogeneous types of bananas came to dominate global production.
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In pictures

Pesticides out, biodiversity in

Monday, 21 May 2018
Biodiversity 70px
Biodiversity returns to the banana fields of Guadeloupe and Martinique as growers adopt agroecological approaches.
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Collecting bananas in Bougainville

Monday, 22 May 2017
Bougainville 70px
A collecting mission to Bougainville consolidates the reputation of the New Guinea region as an exceptional hotspot of banana diversity.
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The beer bananas of East Africa

Tuesday, 20 December 2016
Beer Bananas 70x70
East Africa has a long tradition of brewing beer with bananas that were most likely domesticated for that purpose.
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Under the peel

Taming the scientific literature on banana diseases

David Robert Jones Thursday, 28 February 2019
Handbook Cover 70px Editor of Diseases of banana, abacá and enset blogs about the challenges of updating his popular book.
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TR4 and China’s boom and bust banana sector

Robin Thiers Thursday, 10 January 2019
Porters 70px The authors draw on fieldwork in China to show how TR4 shaped relations between capital, land and labour.
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Gros Michel or Cavendish, which is the yummiest banana?

Anne Vézina Thursday, 13 December 2018
Taste Test 70px We put to the test the reputation of 'Gros Michel' as tasting better than the Cavendish cultivars that dominate the international trade.
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