Composition and selection

The scientific committee will come up with a list of names of qualified scientists (including those on the scientific committee) to review full papers for each field of science represented. The ProMusa coordinator will be a member of the editorial board. A set of editors with excellent English writing/editing skills will also be identified.

Among the members of the editorial board, the scientific committee will nominate up to three members as “editors in chief” (see responsibilities below), who will be acknowledged on the cover of Acta Horticulturae; the other members of the editorial board will be mentioned on the inside cover.


According to ISHS guidelines, all oral presentations need to have an accompanying full paper (16 pages for keynote presentations, 8 pages for regular oral presentations). The editorial board may decide to accept a write-up of 2-3 pages for poster presentations, but this is not compulsory. The manuscripts will be published in a volume of Acta Horticulturae.

Each of the identified experts will be asked to review a relatively small number of full papers and/or poster write-ups (up to five full papers and three poster write-ups per reviewer). Each manuscript will be reviewed by at least two experts. For a symposium with 50 full papers and 30 poster write-ups, this would mean the need for around 20 experts.

The editors in chief will be responsible for confirming that the reviews for the manuscripts were of highest quality. If they deem a certain manuscript needs more attention, they will identify a third reviewer or perform a third review themselves. If they consider a certain manuscript needs more editing for English language, they will request the help of one of the English language editors.

The ProMusa secretariat will assist the editorial board in the workflow management for full paper submissions and review, technical editing of the manuscripts and the preparation of manuscripts for submission to ISHS.