For this first edition of the ProMusa photo contest, we received more than 300 photos from which a panel of four judges ( Karen Lehrer, Anne Vézina, Jeremy Cherfas and Neil Palmer) selected two winners and eight runners-up.

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Close up category
Symmetry by Hannele Luthsela-El-Showk Fractured root by Mônica Lanzoni Rossi Backlit leaf by Hannele Luthsela-El-Showk Silhouette by Richard Markham Ornamental by Danny Coyne

Big picture category
Meditation by K.P. Sajith Fisheye view by Elvis Mbiru Dove nest by Guy Blomme Danger zone by Luc de Lapeyre de Bellaire Helping hand by Pascale Lepoint

The winning photographs and the runners-up have been published in a special edition of In pictures.

To view the 100 best photos, go to Big picture and Close up.

Each winner received a copy of Angela Kepler and Frank Rust’s book: The world of bananas in Hawai’i: then and now.

Photo credits (from left to right): Keith Weller, USDA; Neil Palmer, CIAT; Anne Vezina, Bioversity; Inge Van den Bergh, Bioversity; Pascale Lepoint, Bioversity; Inge Van den Bergh, Bioversity; Gabriel Sachter-Smith, U of Hawaii; Neil Palmer, CIAT.