Mobilizing banana science for sustainable livelihoods


ProMusa is a platform for sharing news, knowledge and information on bananas[1]. The Musa in ProMusa is not the Latin word for muse, but the scientific name of the banana. But it would be fair to say that the banana is our muse.

The ProMusa website

The raison d’être of the website is Musapedia: an online, collaboratively built compendium of knowledge on bananas. Part of its mission is also to disseminate practices and protocols to the wider community.

InfoMus@ is the section of the website where you will find news, blogs and announcements. It offers two types of news: analytical pieces that provide context to what is said about the banana in the media and scientific journals (News and analysis) and a selection of links to online news (Mediawatch). That is also where you will find a blog on the banana to which everyone can contribute (Under the peel) and stories about people and bananas told with photos (In pictures). If you work on bananas or study the plant, you will not want to miss our notice board (Announcements). To stay informed, subscribe to the InfoMus@ newsletter here.

The website also links to three databases: Musalit, the largest repository of references on banana; Musarama, the image bank on all things banana; and Musacontacts, the place to find people working on banana.
1. Bananas is used throughout the website to refer to all types of bananas, including the cooking types, which are often confusingly called plantains.

The ProMusa network

ProMusa is also a network of scientists and other stakeholders working on banana who share the goal of helping farmers make a better living and ensuring that bananas – in all their diversity – continue to thrive in a healthy environment. While ProMusa strives to synergize research efforts by identifying opportunities for collaboration and funding, it does not directly implement or endorse research activities, nor fund them.

In alliance with the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS), the ProMusa network organizes scientific symposia (reported in proceedings) to help its members stay up-to-date on the latest research developments, stimulate discussions and encourage collaborations within and between disciplines. When not meeting face-to-face, ProMusa members stay in touch using the network’s mailing lists.

To become a ProMusa member, register on the Musacontacts database.

Download leaflet
Download leaflet

Bioversity International provides the secretariat that manages the website and the network with funding from the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas.