Diagram of the ProMusa organization  ProMusa has more than 500 members located in over 60 countries. People who register to become a member of ProMusa can opt to join one or more of ProMusa’s three thematic working groups: Crop Production, Crop Protection and Crop Improvement.

Since 2006, ProMusa provides the basic structure for the Section on Banana and Plantain (SEBA) of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS).

ProMusa liaises closely with the regional banana R&D networks BAPNET, MUSALAC, BARNESA and the Innovation Platform for Plantains in West and Central Africa, and with the global Musa genetic resources network MusaNet.

ProMusa is overseen by a steering committee composed of the ProMusa coordinator, the chair and vice-chair of each of the three working groups and ISHS-SEBA, and a representative of MusaNet and each of the regional banana R&D networks. Bioversity International provides the secretariat of ProMusa.