The Steering Committee provides direction and oversight to the ProMusa network. It is composed of:
  • the ProMusa Coordinator, who is also the chair of the ISHS Commission on Banana (CMBA);
  • the vice-chair of the CMBA, who is elected through the ISHS framework;
  • a representative of MusaNet and of each of the regional banana networks;
  • and a diverse group of six ProMusa members representing different expertise, regions and sectors.

The networks’ representatives are nominated by their peers. All steering committee members — except for the ProMusa Coordinator, who is a Bioversity International staff member — serve terms of 4 years. Incumbents can serve more than one term.

Roles and responsibilities

Steering Committee members are expected, among others, to:
  • participate in committee meetings;
  • encourage interactions between ProMusa members;
  • provide advice and support to network activities (such as the organization of symposia);
  • contribute to ProMusa knowledge-sharing activities;
  • represent ProMusa in relevant banana meetings;
  • and help identify funding opportunities for ProMusa activities.


Inge Van den Bergh
(Bioversity International)
ProMusa coordinator
and ISHS-SEBA chair

Thierry Lescot
ISHS-SEBA vice-chair

Jeff Daniells
Nicolas Roux
(Bioversity International)
MusaNet representative
Luis Perez Vicente
MUSALAC representative 
Gerard Ngoh Newilah
(University of Dschang)
Innovate Plantain representative

Jerome Kubiriba
BARNESA representative

Ganjun Yi
BAPNET representative