The ProMusa steering committee is composed of the ProMusa coordinator, the chair and vice-chair of the International Society for Horticultural Science section on banana (ISHS-SEBA) and of each of its three working groups, as well as a representative of MusaNet and of each of the regional banana R&D networks. All steering committee members, except for the coordinator, are elected through the ISHS framework or through the regional networks. Their term is for 4 years. The ProMusa coordinator is a Bioversity International staff member.

Roles and responsibilities

The main roles and responsibilities of the steering committee are providing direction and oversight to the programme, setting research priorities based on consultations with working group members and regional network members, identifying funding opportunities for global research priorities, and encouraging discussions and interactions between members. The steering committee is also solicited to review proposals for and provide support to the organisation of symposia, assist in the production of publications and provide input into the ProMusa web resources.

For more information on specific roles of ISHS section chairs/vice-chairs, see

Inge Van den Bergh
(Bioversity International)
ProMusa coordinator
and ISHS-SEBA chair

Thierry Lescot
ISHS-SEBA vice-chair


Rob Miller
Crop Improvement WG chair
Randy Ploetz
(University of Florida)
Crop Protection WG chair
Jeff Daniells
Crop Production WG chair
Edson Perito Amorim
Crop Improvement WG vice-chair
Danny Coyne
Crop Protection WG vice-chair
Thierry Lescot
Crop Production WG

Nicolas Roux
(Bioversity International)
MusaNet representative
Luis Perez Vicente
MUSALAC representative
Adiko Amoncho
Innovate Plantain representative
Svetlana Gaidashova
BARNESA representative
Gus Molina
(Bioversity International)
BAPNET representative