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PhD position on genome editing

The successful candidate will elaborate new DNA-free approaches to edit banana and cassava genomes in order to improve quality traits (starch) as well as disease resistance in both crops. The project will build on molecular biology and bioinformatics components with excellence in tissue culture techniques for which innovations are also urgently needed in order to successfully implement CRISPR/Cas-based techniques. The candidate should hold a degree in biology, bioinformatics, biotechnology, agricultural sciences or other relevant degree. The successful candidate should have demonstrated experience in at least two of the following research fields: molecular biology, tissue culture, bioinformatics, crop genetics, biotechnology, phytopathology.
Duration: 1 year (after positive evaluation, the contract can be extended for 3 additional years)
Application deadline: 29 February 2020
Online application form: https://webwsp.aps.kuleuven.be/esap/public/ui5_ui5/sap/zh_erc_esol_go/index.html?sap-ui-language=EN&vacaturenummer=55491233&toepassing=LGH
For more information: https://www.kuleuven.be/personeel/jobsite/jobs/55491233
Contact: Prof. Hervé Vanderschuren

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