Announcements: Symposia and conferences

Listing of upcoming meetings

11th Australasian Soilborne Disease Symposium

ASDS 2020 will be under the banner of “Protecting the roots of plant health”. Pre-symposium workshops and field trips will feature topics such as, pathogen-plant-microbe interactions, overcoming Fusarium wilts, and on-farm biosecurity practices.
Location: Cairns, Australia
Dates: 24-27 November 2020
Abstract submission: from 30 March - 1 July 2020
For more information: http://asds2020.w.yrd.currinda.com/

XII International Symposium on Banana

The International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) and ProMusa are joining forces with the Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences in organizing the XII International Symposium on Banana, on the theme of Healthy banana production systems for better livelihoods.  The symposium will provide a platform for scientists and other stakeholders to exchange their latest research results and insights on topics, such as the prevention and management of new disease outbreaks, the use of the crop’s diversity and latest advances in breeding to deploy resistant cultivars in the fight against diseases, the integration of different management approaches at field and landscape level, the impact of various constraints and management responses in banana production on people’s livelihoods, and the exploration of novel post-harvest and marketing strategies.
Location: Kunming, China
Dates: 19-24 October 2020
Abstract submission:  http://www.promusa-yaas.com/mtweb/en/content/27
For more informationhttp://www.promusa-yaas.com/mtweb/en/

Acorbat XXIII International Congress

The upcoming Acorbat International Banana Congress, which brings together representatives of the global banana trade from around the world, will be held at the Miami Airport Convention Center.
Location: Miami, USA
Dates: 23 - 25 September 2020
For more informationhttp://www.acorbatinternacional.com/