Announcements: Symposia and conferences

Listing of upcoming meetings

International Conference on Banana 2020

ICAR-National Research Centre for Banana is organizing, in partnership with Bioversity International and the Society for the Promotion of Horticulture, the International Conference on Banana under the theme Innovations in Sustainable Production and Value Chain Management in Banana. It will provide an interdisciplinary forum for researchers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to discuss the opportunities and threats faced by the banana industry, help to develop mitigating strategies and solutions, and identify research gaps.
Location: Tiruchirappalli, India
Dates: 22-25 February 2020
Deadline for abstract submission: 10 January 2020
Abstract submission: http://www.icb2020.in/abstract
Registration: http://www.icb2020.in/registration
For more information: http://www.icb2020.in/

International Banana Conference

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security of Mozambique (MASA) and TechnoServe are hosting a two-day international conference: Controlling Banana Diseases in the African Banana – Strategies to strengthen the banana industry affected by BBTV and Foc TR4. Registration is free but space is limited.
Location: Maputo, Mozambique
Dates: 21 and 22 November 2019
Registration: https://www.bananamoz.org/conference-registration
For more information: https://www.bananamoz.org/conference
Contact: bananaconference2019@tns.org

First Global Workshop on TR4

CORBANA is organizing  a workshop targeting the scientific community, producers and members of government to develop a joint strategy to address the problem of TR4. Taking part will be specialists who will be addressing scientific, agronomic, marketing, management, and biosafety issues: Edson Perito Amorim, Chao Chin-Ping, Miguel Dita, Yi Ganjun, Mauricio Guzman, Shin-Chuan Hwang, Gert Kema, Eli Khayat, Agustin Molina, Tony Pattison, Danilo Román, and Jorge Sandoval. Space is limited.
Location: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Miami, U.S.A.
Dates: November 21 (from 2pm) and 22 (from 8am to 5 pm) 2019
Registration deadline: 30 October 2019
Registration fee: $270
How to register: Send an email to Mrs. Ivette Enriquez

Acorbat XXIII International Congress

The upcoming Acorbat International Banana Congress, which brings together representatives of the global banana trade from around the world, will be held at the Miami Airport Convention Center.
Location: Miami, USA
Dates: 29 April - 1 May 2020
For more information: https://www.expoplaza.ec/en/acorbat-2020/