Announcements: Job opportunities

UK-based fellowships on Enset

Two positions are available to support the project Modelling and genomics resources to enhance exploitation of the sustainable and diverse Ethiopian starch crop Enset funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund. The interdisciplinary project is a collaboration between researchers at the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens and the University of Leicester in the UK, and the University of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. It aims to provide the foundation knowledge to the cultivation of Enset (Musaceae) as a resilient climate-smart crop providing ecosystem services to support livelihoods in Ethiopia and other African countries.

Research Fellow - Distribution modelling
The Kew Royal Botanic Gardens is looking for a research scientist who will be responsible for the distribution modelling and mapping components of the project. Under the guidance of the project team, the candidate will also lead, conduct and manage a significant field research component in collaboration with the lead Ethiopian partner. 
Location: Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, Richmond, UK
Contract duration: 24 months
Application closing date: 30 April 2017
Contact: Paul Wilkin (p.wilkin@kew.org)
Website: https://careers.kew.org/vacancy/research-fellow-in-distribution-modelling-311298.html

Postdoctoral  Fellow - Molecular cytogenetics
The University of Leicester is recruiting a post-doc to develop markers for measuring molecular diversity and  characterizing Enset genes related to flowering, starch biosynthesis and disease resistance in comparative work with other species, particularly banana. The candidate will also use molecular cytogenetics to study genome organization and optimize protocols for axenic tissue-culture propagation.
Location: University of Leicester, Leicester, UK
Contract duration: 18 months
Application closing date:  to be confirmed (expected June 2017)
For more information contact: Pat Heslop-Harrison (phh4@le.ac.uk