Suspected third case of TR4 in Queensland, Australia

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

ABC news reports that more banana plants have tested positive for TR4 in Queensland, Australia. This is the third such case since the first report of TR4 in Queensland in early 2015. The property on which the fungus was first discovered has since been bought out by the industry and shut down. The second incursion of the disease was found in July 2017 on a property owned by one of the largest growers in the country.

Further testing will be performed to confirm the diagnostic. Australian Banana Growers Council president Stephen Lowe said it was "highly likely" the tests will confirm the new suspected case, which is close to the two previously confirmed farms. He also said that the rate of spread has been extremely slow compared to worlwide experience. In Queensland, affected farms must abide by biosecurity protocols to continue trading.