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Musa acuminata Colla[1] is a wild species of banana best known for being at the origin of the vast majority of cultivated bananas, by itself or through hybridization with Musa balbisiana. It donated the so-called A genome found in the cultivated bananas that have the following genomic formulae: AA, AB, AAA, AAB and ABB.

Musa acuminata is diploid, that is it has two sets of chromosomes. The basic chromosome number is 11. In other words, the species' genes are distributed over 11 pairs of chromosomes.

A doubled haploid derived from an acuminata subspecies was used to sequence the acuminata genome[2].


According to the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants[3], the epithet of the first subspecies to be described should repeat the species epithet. Musa acuminata ssp. acuminata was created by default when the first named subspecies of Musa acuminata (ssp. banksii[4]) was established by Normand Simmonds in 1956[5]. Simmonds neglected to typify it as subspecies acuminata.

Although no author is cited, the World Checklist of Selected Plant Families considers Musa acuminata ssp. acuminata to be an accepted name. It also lists several synonyms[6].

The genetic signature of at least four subspecies (banksii, zebrina, malaccensis and burmannica) has been found in banana cultivars[7].


Distribution of subspecies of Musa acuminata in southeast Asia. Source Perrier et al. 2011


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