Where bananas are grown

Bananas are produced in 135 countries and territories across the tropics and subtropics. The vast majority of producers are smallholder farmers who grow the crop for either home consumption or for local markets (less than 15 per cent of the global production of more than 130 million metric tonnes1 is exported). The goal of this section is to explore all the banana-producing countries and territories. All the pages categorized Banana-producing countries will be added to this page.

1. The 2009 figure is the sum of the data on both bananas and plantains, as are all the figures sourced from FAOSTAT
Latin America and the Caribbean
West and Central Africa
Eastern and Southern Africa
Asia and the Pacific
Brazil Benin Burundi Bangladesh
Colombia Cameroon Kenya Federated States of Micronesia
Costa Rica Côte d'Ivoire Rwanda India
Ecuador Democratic Republic of Congo South Africa Papua New Guinea
Honduras Ghana Tanzania Philippines
Nicaragua Nigeria Uganda Taiwan