ISHS-ProMusa symposium: Agroecological approaches to promote innovative banana production systems
Montpellier, France
10 - 14 October 2016
The symposium will be organized by ProMusa and hosted by the Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement (CIRAD).

The symposium website will be available soon.

Scientific Committee
Jean-Michel Risède, CIRAD
Thierry Lescot, CIRAD
Inge Van den Bergh, Bioversity International

Catherine Abadie, CIRAD
Amoncho Adiko, CNRA
Frédéric Bakry, CIRAD
Guy Blomme, Bioversity International
Marie-Line Caruana, CIRAD
Gaëlle Damour, CIRAD
Jeff Daniells, DAF
Fabrice Declerck, Bioversity International
Stéphan Declerck,UCL
Miguel Dita, Embrapa/Bioversity International
Marc Dorel, CIRAD
Jean-Pierre Horry, CIRAD
Maria Jaizme Vega, ICIA
Luc de Lapeyre, CIRAD
Mathieu Lechaudel, CIRAD
Denis Loeillet, CIRAD
Michel Ndoumbe Nkeng, CARBAP
Tony Pattison, DAF
Jorge Sandoval, Corbana
Charles Staver, Bioversity International
Godfrey Taulya, IITA
Marie Soleil Turmel, Bioversity International
Philippe Tixier, CIRAD
Stephan Weise, Bioversity International
Organizing Committee
Jean-Michel  Risede, CIRAD
Thierry Lescot, CIRAD
Inge Van den Bergh, Bioversity International
Marie-Madeleine Bertrand, CIRAD
Nathalie Curiallet, CIRAD
Sylvain Depigny, CIRAD
Régis Domergue, CIRAD
Denis Loeillet, CIRAD
Sylviane Morand, CIRAD
Catherine Sanchez, CIRAD
Anne Vezina, Bioversity International
Karen Lehrer, Bioversity International
Esther Saadoun, CIRAD


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