ProMusa is a knowledge-sharing platform on bananas* managed by Bioversity International through funding from the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas. It brings together scientists and other stakeholders working on banana, with the ultimate goal of helping banana farmers make a better living and ensuring that bananas – in all their diversity – continue to thrive in a healthy environment.

In alliance with ISHS, ProMusa organizes scientific symposia (reported in proceedings) to help its members stay up-to-date on the latest Musa research, stimulate discussions and encourage collaborations within and between disciplines.

As part of its mission to inform, ProMusa produces InfoMus@, a newsletter that puts in context scientific breakthroughs and highlights relevant news and events.

ProMusa oversees the development of Musapedia: an online, collaboratively built and peer-reviewed compendium of knowledge on bananas. Musapedia is also linked with an effort to disseminate standardized practices and protocols to the wider community.

To further facilitate the exchange of information, ProMusa manages a community blog and mailing lists.

ProMusa also manages three databases: Musalit, the largest repository of references on banana; Musarama, the image bank on all things banana; and Musacontacts, the place to find people working on banana.

While ProMusa strives to synergize research efforts by identifying opportunities for collaboration and funding, it does not directly implement or endorse research activities, nor fund them.

Download About ProMusa (PDF, 556 kB)