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Published by Douglas Southgate on 17 Jun 2016
Image Book on how Ecuador became the world's largest exporter of bananas.
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Published by Edmond De Langhe on 26 May 2016
Scientists think they figured out where Plantain and Maoli-Popoulu bananas originated.
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Published by Jeff Daniells on 03 Mar 2016
Image Scientists take apart a bunching banana plant to match name to function.
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Published by Marcia Barquero Quirós on 14 Jan 2016
soil health icon Analysis of key issues in banana soil health highlighting the importance of managing soils as a living system.
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Published by Anne Vézina on 23 Dec 2015
Image One of the world’s leading authorities on the taxonomy of wild bananas passed away.
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Published by Anne Vézina on 18 Dec 2015
Image Extinction stories are drawing the wrong lessons from the previous epidemic of Fusarium wilt on bananas.
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Published by Anne Vézina on 07 Oct 2015
Image Most origin stories of the banana mistakenly leave out the Pacific region as a primary centre of domestication.
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Published by David W. Turner on 31 Aug 2015
Image David Turner explores whether tissue-culture banana plantlets are intrinsically superior to conventional planting material.
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