Composition and selection

The ProMusa steering committee, together with a representative of the local host, will decide on the final theme of the symposium. This group will then decide on the members of the scientific committee, based on their qualifications and expertise related to the overall theme of the symposium. The scientific committee should have a good balance of national and international members, as well as be gender balanced.

The scientific committee will have a sufficient number of members representing relevant areas of expertise to review all abstracts without undue workload burden to individuals (see responsibilities below). The scientific committee will include the ProMusa coordinator, the chair or vice-chair of the ISHS Commission on Banana (CMBA) and at least two additional ProMusa steering  committee members, based on the thematic and/or regional scope of the symposium.


The scientific committee will decide on the different sub-themes or sessions of the symposium. Members of the scientific committee will be invited to propose keynote speakers, providing a short summary about the notable qualifications of the proposed speaker and a listing of a selection of their best and most relevant publications or other accomplishments that make them qualified to be a keynote speaker. Promising young scientists should be promoted, as well as female speakers, based on their distinctive scientific accomplishments. The scientific committee members will identify the keynote speakers for each of the sessions from the suggested pool of candidates.

The scientific committee will review the submitted abstracts. Each abstract will be reviewed by at least two members of the scientific committee, and a recommendation will be given for oral or poster presentation (or rejection). Based on the outcome of the review, the symposium program (oral and poster presentations) will be put together, including also the field trip and possible workshop(s). The scientific committee will also decide on the editorial board.

The ProMusa secretariat will assist the scientific committee in the workflow management for abstract submissions and review, technical editing of the abstracts and the production of the programme and abstracts booklet.