ProMusa was a platform for sharing news, knowledge and information on bananas, with the objective of improving the understanding of this atypical crop. It was put online in 2009 and discontinued in early 2021.

Even though the ProMusa website will no longer be updated, the content produced over the years will remain online for consultation and continue to be open access under the Creative Commons BY license. This means that content can be reproduced by anyone in any medium, provided the author(s) and source are credited (e.g. Title by author(s), published on the ProMusa website on day-month-year).

We invite you to navigate the following content:
  • Musapedia, a compendium of knowledge on bananas;
  • InfoMus@, a news and blogs section;
  • and a section on the symposia organized in the framework of ISHS.

MusaNet has taken over the maintenance of Musalit and Musarama, which used to be managed by ProMusa.

In January 2021, Nicolas Roux, the banana programme leader at the Alliance of Bioversity-CIATtook over as Chair of the ISHS Banana Commission that used to be occupied by the ProMusa coordinator.