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The World Banana Forum (WBF) is a permanent space of assembly for participants representing the global banana supply-chain to promote open dialogue on challenges facing the banana industry. The secretariat of the WBF is provided by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Working groups

The WBF is composed of three specialized working groups carrying out activities that address key issues facing the banana sector:

  1. Sustainable Production Systems and Environmental Impact - focusing on environmental sustainability
  2. Distribution of Value - focusing on economic sustainability
  3. Labour Rights - focusing on social sustainability

Best practices

As part of its activities, the working group on sustainable banana production is managing portals on the pesticides used in banana plantations, various practices to reduce pesticides and carbon footprint.

Task force on TR4

At its December 2013 Steering Committee meeting, the WBF created a Task Force on Tropical Race 4 (TR4) following the announcement that the fungal strain responsible for Fusarium wilt on Cavendish bananas, and a wide range of cultivars, had been confirmed in Mozambique1 .


1 Website of the World Banana Forum's Task Force on TR4

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