Musafrica Map




Regional banana network




Beatrice Nakhauka Ekesa
Bonaventure Aman Omondi

Member-elected representative

Gérard Ngoh Newilah


Alliance Bioversity-CIAT 


21 countries

MusAfrica is the banana research network for Africa, established in 2020 following the merging of the two regional banana networks Innovate Plantain and the Banana Research Network for Eastern and Southern Africa (BARNESA). It includes 21 country representatives and is managed by Alliance Bioversity-CIAT.

The network seeks to increase the contribution of bananas to food security and economic growth across the banana producing regions of Africa. Its goal is to contribute to increased and sustainable agricultural productivity in the region with the purpose of establishing a sustainable commercialized banana sector.


Bénin: Institut National des Recherches Agricoles du Benin  (INRAB)
Burundi: Institut de recherche agronomique et zootechnique
Burkina Faso: INERA - Institute of Environment and Agricultural Research
Cameroon: Centre africain de recherche sur bananiers et plantains  (CARBAP)
Côte d'Ivoire: CNRA - Programme Plantain Banane Ananas
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC-Kinshasa)​: Institut national pour l'étude et la recherche agronomiques  (INERA)
Ethiopia: Hawassa University
Gabon: Institut de Recherches Agronomiques et Forestières (IRAF)
Ghana: CSIR-Crops Research Institute (CRI)
Kenya: Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization 
Nigeria: National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT)
Madagascar: Centre National de Recherche Appliquée au Development Rural (FOFIFA)
Malawi: Department of Agricultural Research and Technical Services
Mauritius: Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Insitute (FAREI)
Mozambique: National Agricultural Research of Mozambique (IIAM)
Republic of Congo (Brazzaville): Institut national de Recherche Agronomique (IRA)/CONGO
Rwanda: Rwanda Agricultural Research Institute
South Africa: ARC- Institute for Tropical and Subtropical Crops (ITSC)
Sudan: Agricultural Research Corporation (ARC)
Tanzania: Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute, ARI-Maruku
Uganda: National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO)

Other regional R4D networks on bananas

BAPNET - the Banana Asia-Pacific Network
MUSALAC - the Banana Research and Development Network for Latin America and the Caribbean