Announcements: Scholarships and awards

Cargill Global Scholars Program 2021

The agribusiness company Cargill is offering scholarships to high performing students pursuing studies in such fields as agriculture, food, biological sciences, technology, engineering, international relations, sustainability, and business. Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russia, or the USA — and attend university in those countries. Each Cargill Global Scholar receives an annual scholarship for up to two years, as well as leadership development training, one-on-one mentoring, and membership in the alumni community to maintain and create connections.
Application deadlines in 2021: 4 March (India and USA); 31 March (Russia); 27 April (China); and 26 May (Brazil); 4 June (Indonesia)
Online applicationhttps://www.cargillglobalscholars.com/application-management/
For more informationhttps://www.cargillglobalscholars.com/scholarship/