Update on TR4 in Israel

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Israel's NPPO has provided an update to last year's announcement that TR4 had been observed at two separate locations in 2016 and susbsequently declared eradicated after the implementation of containment measures.

The disease was recently discovered at a number of sites close to one of the two locations in the eastern/southern Lake Galilee area. As before, the infected sites have been confined and placed under strict supervision by the NPPO. The infected banana mats, as well as the symptomless ones in a five mats radius, have been fenced off and the plants destroyed.

The plantations with infected sites have also been fenced off, and have had their access restricted. Entry is allowed only under strict quarantine conditions. Water ditches have been dug around the fenced areas to prevent the spread of spores in rain water.

The pest status of TR4 in Israel has been amended to: Actionable, under eradication.