The peduncle is the stalk that supports the inflorescence, whose female flowers will develop into fruits. It is part of the floral stem that starts from the meristem on the rhizome and shoots through the center of the pseudostem to emerge at the top of the plant.


List of the peduncle-related descriptors used to characterize banana plants1 .

6.4.1 Peduncle length
1.   ?30 cm
2.   31 to 60 cm
3    ?61 cm

6.4.2 Empty nodes on peduncle
(Record the number of empty nodes between the last bract leaf and the first hand of fruit.)

6.4.3 Peduncle width
(Diameter, best measured with a caliper.)
1.   ?6 cm
2.   7-12 cm
3.   ?13 cm

6.4.4 Peduncle colour
1.   Light green`
2.   Green
3.   Dark Green
5.   With purple-brown to blue blotches
6.   Other

6.4.5 Peduncle hairiness
1.   Hairless
2.   Slightly hairy
3.   Very hairy, short hairs (velvety)
4.   Very hairy, long hairs (>2 mm)


1 Descriptors for Banana (Musa spp.). Published in 1996 by IPGRI, INIBAP and CIRAD.