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SouthGreen is a bioinformatics platform maintained by CIRAD. It offers a range of tools and databases for the analysis of southern and mediterranean plants, including bananas.


GreenPhyl is a genomics tool that predicts the function of genes based on their evolutionary relationship with genes of known function. Developed by CIRAD as part of a two-year project funded by the Generation Challenge Programme, the tool was put online in 2006 with the rice and Arabidopsis genomes.

Its development was then taken over by Bioversity International to provide computational methods to the Musa community and beyond. In collaboration with CIRAD, the range of GreenPhyl was expanded to allow the comparison of 16 plant genomes. In addition to facilitating comparative functional genomics and accelerating gene discovery, the tool has been used to provide fundamental insights in molecular evolution.

Banana Genome Hub

The Banana Genome Hub is an online bioinformatics platform that facilitates the integration of several major banana datasets, including the genomes of Musa acuminata (DH Pahang), Musa acuminata ssp. banksii, Musa acuminata ssp. burmannica, Musa acuminata ssp. zebrina, Musa balbisiana and Musa itinerans1 .

The Banana Genome Hub can be used to study gene families2 .


2 Droc, G., et al. 2013. The Banana Genome Hub. Database, 2013:bat035.

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