'Mysore' at a glance
Ploidy level


Genome group






Local names

'Mysore' (Australia), 'Nget-pyaw Chin' (Burma/Myanmar), 'Liganimarama' (Fiji), 'Pang', 'Kahiki Hae', 'Dwarf Waimea' (Hawai'i), 'Pisang Ceylan', 'Poovan', 'Mysore', 'Champa', 'Lal Velchi' (India), 'Pisang Keling' (Malaysia), 'Embul' (Sri Lanka), 'Fa'i Misiluki' (Samao), 'Embul', 'Honderawala' (Sri Lanka),  'Kikonde', Kikonde Kenya' (Zanzibar, Tanzania), 'Kluai Kai Ferang' (Thailand), 'Mysore', 'Thousand Grain', 'Fillbasket' (West Indies)1 2 .

Host reaction to diseases and pests

Fungal diseases

Fusarium wilt (Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense)

'Mysore' is considered to be susceptible and sensitive (i.e. negatively affected by) to Foc race 1 and 4 after field evaluation trials in Australia3 .


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